The Prime of Wassail Season!

Christmas Eve, 2017...

Merry Christmas to All!... and to All a good night!

The Holiday Season is, without doubt, a favorite time to enjoy special gatherings and time with friends and family.  The Colorado Wassail Company wishes everyone peace, blessings, good health, and prosperity in this Season and throughout the whole year.

While wassail is a wonderful addition to the family gathering atmosphere, it is not only a beverage for the season between Halloween and Christmas, it holds a central place in Twelfth Night celebrations (the twelfth day of Christmas).  Don't know about Twelfth Night???  The twelve days of Christmas (as, from the song of the same name) actually begins on December 26th and runs through the Feast of the Epiphany, also known as the Feast of the Magi (the day the three wise men brought gifts to Jesus), or Eastern Orthodox Christmas.  In days of yore, a grand season-ending party was held the night of the Epiphany, and this was known as Twelfth Night.  The wassail bowl was the centerpiece for liquid refreshment at this celebration where friends and family would gather one final time to close out the Holiday Season.

Wassail from the Colorado Wassail Company is crafted in part to honor the Holiday Season.  Wassail is also a wintertime beverage (best served hot!... and maybe with a little somethin'-somethin' added for adult enjoyment) to be enjoyed throughout all the cold winter months, but particularly as a commemoration of this final feast day of the Holiday Season.

From the hearts of those of us from the Colorado Wassail Company, and from our household tor yours - wes heil! (be well!; to your health!)