McGowan’s Olde Tyme beverages are unique blends of juices, teas, and spices designed to conjure the season they represent, as well as foster good memories and promote a sense of tradition, family and well-being.  Drinks are non-alcoholic (children are our favorite people!) and designed to be enjoyed as produced (chai and wassail are good hot!) and can also be mixed with a wide range of adult spirits.  

McGowan’s Beverages are produced exclusively by and for the Colorado Wassail Company, Castle Rock. Colorado.  (Wassail, by the way, is our flagship product!)

What We Do and Why We Exist

The Colorado Wassail Company produces seasonal fruit-based spiced beverages designed to conjure good memories and promote a sense of tradition, family and well-being. Our core values are Love, Happiness, Family, Friendship, Tradition, Health, Warmth and Goodwill.

Our Story

The Colorado Wassail Company was started in 2015 by Greg Polashock, whose family has been enjoying wassail as a holiday tradition across four generations.  After much positive feedback from sharing his drink with friends and acquaintances for over 25 years, demand for this unique wintertime beverage led to the creation of the Colorado Wassail Company.  

Product Origins

Public appetite and demand for wassail, the company's flagship product, pushed it to develop other seasonal beverage products.  In much the same way as wassail, summer spiced tea was a family tradition.  This beverage (reminescent of what some may consider as a cold Russian Spiced Tea) served as the inspiration for the company's followup to wassail, McGowan's Olde Tyme Spring Spiced Tea.  From there, it was only a hop, skip, and jump to McGowan's Olde Tyme Fall Butterscotch Pumpkin Chai and onward to McGowan's Olde Tyme Summer Spiced Tea.  To learn more about specific McGowan Olde Tyme beverages, ....